Maui Tides

Updated on:
December 23, 2021

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Maui Tides

How The Maui Tides Work on the Island

High tide and low tide on Maui each come twice per day.  Tides are caused by the position of the Moon, whose gravity pulls on the Earth’s oceans to raise the tides.  The times of high and low tide are similar on various parts of Maui.  When the tide is high, Maui’s beaches are narrower, and when the tide is low, the beaches are wider.  In some areas, coral under the ocean near the beach is exposed during low tide.

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Checking Maui Tides

Maui tides for South Maui (Kihei area including Wailea):

Click on tides for Kihei

Maui tides for West Maui (Lahaina area including Kaanapali and Kapalua):

Click on tides for Lahaina

For a comparison to help you decide which side of Maui to stay on, see West vs South Maui. For reviews and photos of hotels and condos on each side of Maui, see Choosing Maui Hotel or Condo.

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Average High and Low Temperatures around Lahaina, Maui, for Each Month

 Month    High    Low    Water Temp    Rain inches   
January      82 64 75 3.5
February 80 63 74 2.4
March 83 64 74 1.8
April 84 65 75 1.1
May 85 67 76 1.1
June 87 68 77 0.1
July 88 69 78 0.2
August 88 69 79 0.2
September     89 70 80 0.3
October 88 69 79 1.1
November 86 67 77 2.2
December 83 65 76 3.2

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