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Updated on:
January 26, 2022

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Welcome to Our interactive Kihei map

Use the navigation buttons on the lower right corner of the  Kihei map to zoom in or out.  Drag with your mouse to move around.  Use the button on the lower-left corner of the map to switch between Map View and Satellite view.

Kihei is considered south Maui, even though it lies on the west coast of the south part of Maui.  Wailea and Makena are technically also in Kihei if discussing an actual town or postal code, but in reality, Kihei is the area between Maʻalaea and Wailea regions.

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Kihei Interactive Map

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Kihei Snorkel Report

The map above is a great resource for finding restaurants, beaches, and activities. Another great resource for the Kihei area is the Boss Frog’s Maui Snorkel Report. Updated daily, this report contains insights, recommendations, and a rating on snorkeling conditions in different areas around the island. Before you go out, check the Maui Snorkel Report so you can be sure you are not only safe but satisfied with your location.

Boss Frog's Maui Snorkel Report

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