Makena Golf and Beach Club

Updated on:
January 25, 2022

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Makena Golf and Beach Club

Formerly Makena Beach and Golf Resort & former Maui Prince Hotel

The Makena Golf and Beach Club (previously Makena Beach and Golf Resort until 2016 and the Maui Prince Hotel until 2009) is just a few miles south of the other major resort hotels in Wailea. Because of its isolated location and less development, this area is quieter than the Grand and the other big Wailea hotels.  But that location also means that it is a few minutes longer drive to get from the Makena Golf and Beach Club to shopping, restaurants, and sightseeing.  Phone the Makena Golf and Beach Club at (808) 568-0147.

1,800 acres of golf and oceanfront units make this community truly special. Since they’re members-only, the cost is far more than at most other major South Maui hotels (Grand WaileaFour SeasonsFairmont).  The Makena golf course (formerly called the North Makena course) is nearby.  We’ll update this spot more thoroughly soon.

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