Hawaii Hotels Discounts

Updated on:
June 30, 2015

9/20/2021: If a few of these pages look a little wonky, I'm sorry!  I just rebuilt the site and have over 600 pages to go through for final fixes.

[the_ad id=”12279″]Use the box below to easily and quickly check for discounts on hotels and condos from Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak, Hotwire, and others, all at once.  The abbreviation for Hawaii is HI.   In the “Traveling To” box, you can type   Oahu, HI  or  Maui, HI  or  Big Island, HI  or  Kauai, HI,  or Lanai, HI  or  Molokai, HI.     A big advantage of using the search box on this page is that it will give you prices on several hotels or condos at once, so you can compare.


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