Aston Maui

Updated on:
November 2, 2021

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Aston Maui

Aston Maui Condos and Hotels

Aston is a company that manages vacation rentals at 25 different condo and hotel buildings on four Hawaiian islands:  Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island of Hawaii.  Aston does not actually own those condos, but takes care of them, cleans and maintains them, provides front desk services, and arranges for vacationers to stay in the condos while the condo owners are away from Maui.

I recommend renting your vacation condo from Aston or similar large management companies, rather than directly from an individual condo owner, such as from VRBO.  This is because Aston manages many condos in each building, as well as many buildings, so if you are not satisfied with your condo when you arrive, Aston can usually switch you to other available condos in the same or other buildings.  If you rent from an individual condo owner, you will not have that flexibility.  In addition, Aston generally does not require you to pay in advance, and is much easier to cancel, than when you book with an individual owner.

You can get a very good discount (usually 15% off the lowest web rates) on the price to stay at Aston condos, by going to and signing in with the Ambassador Number MAH206L. Please click here for detailed directions to getting the discount.

See below for a list of the condos that Aston manages on Maui, with links to more info and photos of each of them.

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Aston Condos on Maui

Click on these links for more info and photos

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Photos Of Aston Maui Properties

Aston Maui

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