Shopping at Hilo Hattie on Maui

Hilo Hattie is a chain of five stores on the four main Hawaiian islands, including one store on Maui. It is so popular that an amazing 25% of all the visitors to Hawaii go to one of the Hilo Hattie stores during their Hawaii vacation.

The Hilo Hattie store on Maui is open 9AM-10PM every day.  It is at 900 Front Street in Lahaina (in the Lahaina Outlet Mall behind Hard Rock Cafe) 808-667-7911

Hilo Hattie sells a huge assortment of Hawaii clothes and souvenirs.  You can wander through their large collection of dresses, aloha shirts, costume jewelry, trinkets, candies, nuts, souvenirs, and other Hawaiian-themed STUFF.

For a coupon for a free Hawaiian sarong or mug with $20 purchase at Hilo Hattie, please email me at and mention “Hilo Hattie coupon” in the subject line of your email.


Was there really such a person as Hilo Hattie?  Well, sort of.  Clarissa Haili (1901-1979) was a comic singer, one of whose songs in the 1940’s was called “When Hilo Hattie Does the Hula Hop.”  She also appeared as Waihila, a flower seller, in a 3-minute scene near the beginning of the 1961 movie “Blue Hawaii” with Elvis Presley.  A clothing factory on the Big Island, named after the character Hilo Hattie, was bought in the 1960’s by Jim Romig, a businessman from Washington state.  He turned it into the company that exists today.

See photos below.

Hilo Hattie Store Photos

Hilo Hattie store Maui
Hilo Hattie's Maui store
Maui souvenirs clothes stores
Shopping Maui Hilo Hattie
Hilo Hattie's Maui store Lahaina
Maui shopping Kihei Hilo Hattie

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