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October 18, 2021

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Kauai – What to do and where to stay when visiting Kauai

The Island of Kauai

Geologically speaking, Kauai is the oldest of the six major Hawaiian islands. It is also the fourth-largest Hawaiian island, and home to Waimea Canyon and the Fern Grotto. Kauai is famous for being an island of outstanding natural beauty, which makes it a fantastic place to visit for a vacation. It’s also much less crowded than the more visited islands of Oahu and Maui.

Kauai Beach Trees

Kauai Hotels

No matter what your budget, you will find somewhere lovely to stay for your vacation on Kauai. The island has a fantastic selection of clean and welcoming hotels offering a warm Hawaiian-style reception. Here is a selection of some of the best.

Kauai Palms Hotel, Lihue. The Kauai Palms Hotel is often listed as the number one best value hotel on the island of Kauai. This is a hotel that offers both quality and convenience at a budget price. If you’re looking to cook some of your own meals during your vacation you will find rooms with kitchenettes or even one-bedroom studios with full kitchens. The hotel also offers cable TV, state-of-the-art flat-screen TVs, WiFi, and a refrigerator in every single room. With Kalena Park located less than a block away, it’s the perfect place to stay for guests with children.

Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa. The Grand Hyatt is a moderately priced family hotel with a great range of amenities. You can enjoy spas and swimming pools, a range of resort shops, and an award-winning contemporary Hawaiian restaurant.

Kauai Point

Koa Kea Hotel and Resort. If you’re looking for a luxury resort, and have a luxury budget to match, then the Koa Kea Hotel and Resort is a fantastic place to stay. The hotel is in the perfect location, accessible from all the major roads on the island and just a few minutes’ walk from Poipu Beach too. The 121 room boutique hotel offers swimming pools, concierge services, a resort spa, and a beach activities hut offering all the beachfront rentals you’ll need.

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Kauai Things To Do

If you’re taking a romantic break on the island of Kauai, then there is no better place to visit than Waimea Canyon. Basically, it’s the Grand Canyon only red and green with waterfalls. If you’re thinking of a proposal or a romantic gesture of some kind during your vacation, then this is the perfect spot. This is the largest canyon in the Pacific and is often called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific region. The canyon is ten miles long and 900 meters deep: truly a sight to behold.  This is just one spot to check out when looking for things to do in Kauai.

Kauai Canoe

If your interest is in animals and exploring Hawaii wildlife when you are on your vacation, then a visit to Kilauea national wildlife refuge is a must when you are visiting Kauai. Here you will find a wide array of migratory seabirds who use the refuge for nesting, foraging, and resting. The refuge is also a great place to spot spinner dolphins in the spring and the summer. These playful mammals stay close to the shore and love to entertain the visitors who come to see them. And don’t forget to pack your nature books, as you may also spot endangered humpback whales, Hawaiian monk seals, and even green turtles, bobbing in the waves.

If you want a little more adventure when you’re exploring all of the nature that Kauai has to offer then why not visit the Napali Coast? The Napali Coast is a breathtaking coastal range that can only be accessed by hiking, sea tour, or helicopter tour. There are several tour operators on the island that can offer you this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Where to Eat

Here are just four examples of the restaurant choices available.

Kauai Luaus – The best way to experience Hawaiian faire as well as take in the culture is with a feast and show at one of the best Luaus in Hawaii.  

Plantation Gardens – If you’re looking to experience real Hawaiian cuisine during your vacation, and are looking for fine dining, then a trip to the Plantation Gardens is a must. Inspired by the old plantations of the island, this restaurant is a true celebration of the abundance and beauty of Kauai and a real treat.

Puka Dog Hawaiian Style Hot Dogs -At the other end of the scale, if you’re looking to find a tasty and affordable meal on a budget then try Puka Dogs. Here you’ll find delicious American-style hot dogs served with an array of sauces and relishes that will leave you wanting to go back for more.

Brick Oven Pizza – Meeting these two restaurants in the middle is Brick Oven Pizza: a moderately priced pizza joint offering delicious hand-made pizzas. They even offer sweet pizzas for dessert: delicious.

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