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September 14, 2021

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What Are the Sizes and Populations of Each Island of Hawaii?


How big is each Hawaiian island? What is the population of each? How many Hawaiian islands are there?  How many can I visit?


There are over 140 islands that make up the state of Hawaii, but tourists only visit the six largest islands. See the image below for a comparison of the relative sizes of the eight largest Hawaiian islands. Here are the eight largest in order of size.

Hawaiian Islands population



  Area – Square Miles 


  Population – July 2018 census


Hawaii   4028   200,983
Maui   727   153,997
Oahu   597   980,080
Kauai   552   72,133
Molokai   260   East: 4,143  West: 2,751  Kalawao: 86
Lanai   141   3,203
Niihau   70   170 (2010 census)
Kahoolawe   45   0


Maui Population by Region

Kihei: 24,482
Lahaina: 23,568
Waihee-Waikapu: 7,647
Wailuku: 22,234
Kahului: 30,706
Puunene: 0
Spreckelsville: 339
Makawao-Paia: 20,563
Haiku-Pauwela: 9,226
Hana: 1,726
Kula: 13,506

The largest eight islands are in order of size in the above table. Those same islands in order of population are Oahu (including the city of Honolulu), Hawaii (often called “The Big Island”), Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau, Kahoolawe.

Many people confuse the most populated island, Oahu, with the largest island, the Big Island of Hawaii. People who have only been to Honolulu, often mistakenly say they have only been to the “big island,” but in fact the island they went to is Oahu.  The most famous parts of the state of Hawaii, Waikiki Beach, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, and the Polynesian Cultural Center, are all on the island of Oahu.  More people visit Oahu than any of the other Hawaiian islands, because of those sights, and because there are more direct flights from the United States and other countries to Oahu than to any of the other islands. But each island is unique and each island is worth visiting.

Hawaiian island sizes

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