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How can I get the best deal on airplane tickets to Hawaii?

Although there is no way to predict whether you will get a better price by buying your plane tickets sooner or waiting until closer to your travel dates, there is a way to shop for the best deal available at any time.  Although you’re probably not going to find truly cheap Hawaii flights, the most important thing you can do to get the best airfare prices is to shop around.

Hawaii Flight To Maui

You’ll need to check several websites to find out which airlines offer the best schedules, the least stops, and the best prices, from your particular home city to any of the Hawaiian islands. The code for the airport that you will fly into is HNL if you are going to the island of Oahu (Honolulu), or OGG for Maui, KOA (Kona) or ITO (Hilo) for the Big Island of Hawaii, LIH for Kauai, MKK for Molokai, or LNY for Lanai.

The best service and best on-time records for flights to and from Hawaii are on Hawaiian Airlines.  Here’s a link to their best online fares: Hawaiian Airlines’ Lowest Fares

For information on flights between one Hawaiian island and another, click on Inter-Island flights.