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Updated on:
November 9, 2021

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Unique Maui Tours

Private Customizable Tours from Unique Maui Tours

Unique Maui Tours is different from all those companies that take you with a group of strangers on a pre-arranged tour on a schedule that they made up.  With Unique, you instead are on a private custom tour with only you and your family or friends, going to just the places on Maui that you want to see, on a schedule designed just for your own personal preferences.

Unique Maui Tours Adapts To Your Style

Delphine Berbigier is the owner and primary tour guide for Unique Maui Tours.  She will help you create your own unique Hawaii experience. She is very knowledgeable about all of Maui.  She will talk with you before your tour to learn about your interests.  She will suggest possible places for you to see, and discuss them with you to help you make decisions about where to go on your all-day tour. Only you and your family or friends will be on the tour (maximum 7 people), so there’s no need to compromise with strangers who have different interests than you.

Best of all, the whole day is completely flexible and built around your schedule, not some tour company’s schedule.  If you want to spend more time or less time at any stop along the tour, it’s always up to you. You can choose an adventure tour with swimming, hiking, getting muddy in the rainforest, and other activities.  Or you can choose a relaxing tour with just sightseeing, sampling banana bread from fruit stands, and lunch at an outdoor picnic or a food truck or an indoor restaurant. You can include shopping and restaurants, or none of those.  You can stay an hour or two at a waterfall or garden, or just a few minutes. You can change your mind and modify the tour as you go along.  You can have the guide teach you whatever you want to learn about Maui, whether it is geology or history or legends or whatever interests you.  It’s all up to you because this is your own private custom tour.

Some suggested tours for you to consider with Unique Maui Tours are the road to Hana, West Maui, Upcountry and backside of Maui, hiking tours, or waterfall and swimming tours.

See photos below, but those photos only show a tiny sampling of the numerous choices for your own day of touring Maui.

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Unique Maui tours

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