Maui Surfing Lessons

Updated on:
September 14, 2021

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Group or Private Surf Lessons in Maui

Beginners Learn to Surf and Standup Paddleboard in Maui

Several companies offer surfing lessons for absolute beginners, and for experienced surfers, in Maui.  They can teach both children and adults.  As long as you already know how to swim, and are strong enough to paddle your surfboard and stand up on it on dry land, they can get you in the water and usually teach you beginning surfing in one lesson.

Most Maui surf lessons are taught in shallow water, adjacent to Lahaina Harbor, or in Kihei.  There are several companies offering the lessons.  I have not taken a surfing lesson myself, but I have watched friends and relatives take lessons, and they were very pleased.  It’s advisable to have a professional show you how to surf.  If you’re more experienced, there are plenty of Maui surf spots to check out.

Below are two lists of surfing (and standup paddleboard) lessons, one list for the south side of Maui (Kihei Wailea area), and one list for the west side (Lahaina Kaanapali area).

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Places to get surfing lessons on each side of Maui

Southside (Kihei Wailea area)

  •   Kihei Surf Lessons – offer both group and private lessons at the Cove, one of the best spots to learn how to surf.  They offer the best prices and amazing instructors. They do lessons every hour between 7 and 10 am and sometimes at noon if the wind hasn’t come up too much.
  •   Surf Shack in Kihei – 2-hour class for beginners only, one of the least expensive surfing lessons.
  •   Maui Beach Boys in Kihei – 2-hour class can be group or private, which determines the price.
  •   Makena Beach Activities south of Wailea – Standup paddleboard lesson (not a surfing lesson)
  •   Maui Wave Riders in both Kihei and Lahaina – Surfing lessons or Standup Paddleboard lessons

Westside (Lahaina Kaanapali area)

  • Maui Surfer Girls offer both small group and private lessons at Ukemehame Beach Park from amazing instructors.
  • Rivers to the Sea Surf Lessons meet at Guardrails, a great spot to learn.  The instructors are professional surfers.
  • Maui Wave Riders in both Lahaina and Kihei – Surfing lessons or Standup Paddleboard lessons
  • Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy in Lahaina – Price depends on whether you want a group lesson or semi-private lesson
  • Zack Howard Pro Surf in Lahaina – Only private lessons, alone or with your family, no groups with strangers, so more expensive than the others

The 3 companies I have personally observed are Rivers to the Sea (just before Lahaina), Maui Wave Riders (Prison Street in Lahaina) and Maui Surf Clinics (505 shopping center in Lahaina).  The instructors at Rivers to the Sea really impressed me.

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Maui Surf Lesson Photos & Video

Surf Lessons

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