Best Golf Courses in Maui

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Best Golf Courses in Maui

Find Maui’s Best Golf Courses

What are the best golf courses in Maui?  The answer depends on what you are looking for in a golf course.  This page will tell you about which courses have the best views, which are the best value, which courses are most difficult, which are most enjoyable, which have the best course conditions, the best time of day to play, and even which have the best restaurants.

This page about the best golf courses in Maui was written for this Maui website by Bill from Kansas. For more details about every one of the fifteen Maui courses, see Maui Golf Courses.

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Best Golf Courses In Maui

Best views from the golf course:

  1. Kapalua Plantation Course
  2. Wailea Emerald
  3. Kaanapali Royal

Most difficult to play:

  1. Plantation at Kapalua
  2. Gold at Wailea
  3. Royal at Kaanapali

Most enjoyable to play (handicap from 18 on up):

  1. Kaanapali Kai
  2. Emerald at Wailea
  3. Maui Nui

Best value:

  1. Maui Nui (multi-round cards are a great value)
  2. Pukalani
  3. Wailea Blue
  4. Dunes at Maui Lani

Best course conditions:

  1. Kapalua courses
  2. Wailea Courses
  3. Kaanapali courses

Best on site expensive restaurant:

  1. Plantation House in Kapalua
  2. Roy’s in Kaanapali
  3. Gannon’s in Wailea

Best on-site value restaurant:

  1. Cafe O’Lei at the Dunes
  2. Mulligan’s at Wailea Blue Course
  3. Kahili Restaurant

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The best time of day to play is the earliest you can get on the course. The wind will usually increase in speed as the day progresses. Courses known for the strongest winds are Kahili and the Kapalua courses. Kahili is protected somewhat from the north mountains but still seems to get quite a bit of wind.

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Ocean Views

Anyone who enjoys golf will definitely enjoy a round at the best golf courses in Maui. Almost all courses have a view of the ocean and are very playable if you choose the right teeing area. Remember the altitude is at sea level and your ball will not fly as far if you do not normally play at sea level.

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Club Rentals

Club rentals are available at all courses but I would advise you to bring your own clubs if you are planning to play more than twice while on the island. Rental club quality is not the problem (all courses have quality rentals). It is that you are used to playing with your own set and even the least costly courses are probably going to cost you more than you are used to paying. Bringing your own set will help offset the cost especially if playing multiple rounds.

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Final Notes

The Kamehameha course is a semi-private course and is worth the money to play if you get a chance.

Like many golf courses elsewhere, if you wait till late morning, early afternoon to play, the rates will drop to where you may feel more comfortable with the price. However, this comes with windier and more challenging conditions.

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