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Movie Theaters in Maui

Maui Movies

Maui Movie Theaters

There are three major multi-screen movie theaters on Maui, each showing multiple movies each day.  There are two movie theaters in Kahului (central Maui), one in Lahaina (west side), and none in Kihei (south side).

Below are the phone numbers and links to the movie schedules for each of Maui's movie theaters.

If it's raining or you need a break from the beach or the kids just want to see a movie, there are plenty of choices at the theaters listed below.  Whether you spell it theaters or theatres, the showtimes are at the links below.

For lots of other things to do on Maui see Maui activities attractions and sights.

Maui Theater phone numbers and links

  Lahaina (west side)

     Wharf Cinema Center in the Wharf Center
       (across from the Banyan tree)
       808-249-2222   3#       Showtimes schedule

  Kahului (central Maui)

     Maui Mall Megaplex in the Maui Mall
       808-249-2222   1#     Showtimes schedule

     Kaahumanu 6 in the Queen Kaahumanu Center
       808-873-3137     Showtimes schedule


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