New Access Road to Maui Airport

A new road is in the planning stages to ease access to and from Maui’s main airport at Kahului.  This is intended to solve traffic congestion caused by two distinct types of automobile traffic both using Dairy Road in Kahului.

1.  People going to and from the airport as they arrive and depart from Maui.

2.  People going shopping at the major stores on Dairy Road: Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Maui Marketplace (Office Max, Sport Authority, Lowes, and others), K-Mart, and Costco.

The new Maui Airport Access Road will branch off from Dairy Road at the current location of the access road that leads to Home Depot and Wal-Mart.  It will then cut behind the other stores listed above, to go directly to the airport.  This 4-land divided highway will take all of the traffic going to and from Kahului Airport, away from the traffic going to and from those stores.

See below for a photo showing the proposed location of the new Maui Airport Access Road.

Click for more info about Maui’s main airport at Kahului.

Maui Airport Access Road photo:
Maui airport access road route plan

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