Guided Tours of Maui Sightseeing
Where to Go, What to See, Which Tour Company to Use

Would you like a knowledgeable friendly guide to drive you in a van, to see the sights of Maui?
Advantages of a van or bus tour include not having to find your own way around, being able to look at the sights instead of at the map or the traffic, and learning all about Maui from your experienced guide and driver.

Places you can go on guided tours lasting half a day or all day include:
— Road to Hana
— Crater at the top of Haleakala volcano
— Iao Valley
— Upcountry gardens
— Hiking and secluded waterfalls

You can even hire a private van for just you and your family, and choose your own personal itinerary for the day.

Guided van tours of Maui from various companies differ in the size of the van, the number of passengers with whom you share your ride and guide, plain to luxurious accommodations, and price you will pay. For discount prices on some van tours see  Guided van tours discounts and reservations.

See below for a discussion of some of the companies offering guided van tours of Maui, and the differences that will help you choose the right one for you.   Or click for more things to do on Maui.

Maui Guided Tours – Details and differences to help you decide
The most important thing you need to know is that cheaper tours use bigger vans with more people on  your tour.  If you pay more, you usually get a smaller van with a smaller tour group, so you get more personalized service, and you spend less time waiting for a large group to get on and off the van and to return to the van at the end of each stop.

Temptation Tours
This is a first class tour company with only 6 to 8 people per van.  The vans are luxurious, with large windows and leather seats.  In addition to their Hana tour with picnic lunch, they also offer an “ultimate” Hana tour with two hot meals, a complete breakfast in Paia and a three-course lunch in Hana.  This is also the only company that offers a combination tour to see both Hana by luxury van and Haleakala by helicopter all in one day.
Temptation Tours Hana Picnic details, price, or reservations
Temptation Tours Hana Sky Trek details, price, or reservations
Temptation Tours Combo Hana + Haleakala details, price, or reservations

Mahalo Tours
Mercedes vans with maximum of 8 passengers.  Hana tour includes snacks and several choices of hot lunch, and it continues all the way around the south side, with stops at Lindbergh’s grave, Oheo pools, and Tedeschi winery, which is not on most other Hana tours.
Mahalo Tours Hana and beyond details, price, or reservations

Platinum Tours
This company has vans with luxurious captain’s chairs giving more legroom than other vans.  They use either a 9-passenger or a 14-passenger van, depending on how many people booked the tour that day.  It’s one of only two companies giving you two hot meals on the Hana tour, breakfast in Paia and lunch in Hana.
Platinum Tours Hana details, price, or reservations

Valley Isle Excursions
This company is between mid-range and luxury.  Their vans take up to 12 passengers and have luxurious captain chairs.  Senior discount available.
Valley Isle Hana tour details, price, or reservations

Polynesian Adventure
This is a large company that is often able to offer lower tour prices by using larger vans or small buses that take 17 to 25 passengers per tour.
Polynesian Adventure sunrise Haleakala details, price, or reservations
Polynesian Adventure Haleakala & Iao Valley (not sunrise) details, price, or reservations
Polynesian Adventure Hana with lunch details, price, or reservations
Polynesian Adventure Hana details, price, or reservations

Discover Hawaii
This is a budget tour in a 24-passenger bus.  With the discounts in the below links, it is usually less expensive than any of the other Hana tours.
Discover Hawaii Hana tour with swimming and hiking details, price, or reservations

Maui Custom Tours   808-214-7382
Unlike all of the above companies, Maui Custom Tours does not use their own vehicles.  Instead, their guide drives you in your own rental car.  Tours are only for you and your family, so all tours are customized to your own personal wishes.
Maui Custom Tours website

Maui tour bus Polynesian Adventure

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