Halloween in Lahaina

Halloween in Lahaina, Maui, has meant a big party for many years.  It has been called the “Mardi Gras of the Pacific.”  From 1989 to 2007, and again from 2011 to now, the main street of Lahaina, Front Street, is closed to traffic from mid-afternoon to late evening.  This event draws about 20,000 people.  There are parades beginning with a keiki (children’s) parade starting around 4:30 PM, and then adult parades in the evening.  Later at night, the costumes become racier.

The size of this event was greatly curtailed in 2008 due to complaints from Maui’s Cultural Resources Commission.  Some supporters of Hawaiian culture said that Halloween was not an appropriate holiday to celebrate in the historic town of Lahaina.  There had also been some problems with rowdiness late at night in past years.  So from 2008 to 2010, there was no official party, and Front Street was not closed to traffic for the evening, but individual restaurants and businesses in Lahaina still had parties and people still showed up in costumes.

The bigger party and parades have returned for Halloween in Lahaina since 2011.  The mayor arranged for Front Street to be closed to traffic from 3:30 PM to midnight.  In addition to the keiki parade, scheduled events include keiki (children’s) ghost stories, face painting, costume contest, and live music in Banyan Tree Park.  To ease parking problems caused by the large crowds that come to Lahaina for Halloween, there are extra bus services into and out of town.  This event is sponsored by the Lahaina Town Action Committee.

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Halloween in Lahaina Videos

Front Street closed to traffic for parades in 2011:

Front Street closed in 2007:

Costumes in stores and on the street in 2010:

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