Help with planning your wedding or honeymoon on Maui or anyplace in Hawaii is on the following bullet-listed pages:

  • Hawaii Weddings, Maui Weddings — which island, which location, wedding planners, wedding music, wedding license, sunset times, wedding photography, wedding dinner, wedding vows
  • Hawaii Honeymoon — which island, which hotel or condo, activities, restaurants, packages
  • Wedding Vows — sample Hawaiian wedding vows you can use or adapt for your own
  • Hawaiian Wedding Song — hear the famous song and read the lyrics
  • Maui Vacations — all about Maui vacation activities, hotels, condos, restaurants, sightseeing, beaches and more

Follow the above links for all of your Hawaiian wedding and Hawaiian honeymoon information.

The other sections of this Maui Vacations website will help you choose a hotel, find restaurants you will enjoy, save money on a rental car, and more. Click on these links to learn more:

  • Maui Hotels and Maui Condos  —  How to decide between a hotel and a condo, what part of Maui to stay on, which specific hotel or condo best suits your needs and your budget
  • Hawaii Car Rentals  —  How to get the best price on a rental car on Maui or any of the Hawaiian islands
  • Maui Restaurants  —  Recommendations of the best places to eat in each price range, including menus and food photos

Maui, or any of the Hawaiian islands, is the perfect place for a wedding or honeymoon.

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